Our Office Staff

Please take a moment to meet our Office Staff and those who work hard to provide you and your family the best possible personalized care. Our friendly front office staff will greet you the moment you walk in the door with a bright smile each and every day. 

Ann Padilla

I am the office administrator here at Padilla Family Medicine.  To tell you a little about me: I love coming to work – I mean that – I truly enjoy my co-workers and absolutely adore our patients.  Dr. Padilla and Benjamin Houston, PA are excellent and I take pride in being a member of our Team.
I was born and raised here in San Diego and studied at California State University Fullerton where I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology.  I actively do yoga and feel it has changed my life for the better as far as my mental and physical well-being.  My other favorite pastime is spending time with my family.  I enjoy hiking, working in my garden and cooking. My philosophy at our office is to give my very best to each of our patients to make sure they all feel comfortable, knowledgeable and get their questions answered.  I believe each patient deserves 100% of my attention.

Nancy Becerra

Hi!  I am the back office nurse.  I started working with Dr. Padilla over ten years ago and it feels as if it was yesterday. I have four wonderful kids that keep me busy. I enjoy coming to work and at the end of the day having that feeling of accomplishment. Love my work; enjoy caring and helping patients as if they were part of my family.

Judith Delgado

Hello I am the front office medical assistant at Padilla Family Medicine.  I have been working with Dr. Padilla since 2012.  During my time here I have enjoyed getting to know all of our wonderful patients and working with our great staff.  One of the many things I love about working here is that we all strive to treat patients like we would our own family.

On my spare time I enjoy taking walks on the beach with my family, going to the zoo with my two beautiful kids and cooking with my husband.

Betty Pena

Hello! My name is Betty, a Medical Assistant, and I’ve been part of the wonderful Padilla team since 2010. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to share the same compassion and caring that my coworkers have towards our patients. I love to leave work each day knowing that I went above and beyond to make a difference in someone’s day. It’s a great feeling to come in to work each morning and know that I am not here to work with coworkers but with my second family. I truly am very blessed to be here and hope I can continue to be part of this family for a lot longer!

Ana De Leon

Hello, I am a Medical Assistant and I have been working with Dr. Padilla since 2013.  I like coming to work everyday; I love feeling the satsfaction of helping my patients daily.  During my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and boyfriend, going to the movies and playing racquetball.

Valerie Mendoza


I'm Valerie front desk & director of first impressions. I started working with Dr.Padilla since October 19,2015. I have one 7 year old son whom I love very much and keeps my life very active. I used to work for a Neurologist for 10 years were I gained most of my knowledge.Until one day I was given the opportunity to be part of this awsome staff, who are not just co-workers but since day one became family. I enjoy coming to work everyday; the compassion and love I have for my patients is beyond amazing making a difference for each and everyone of them is my goal.

On my spare time I enjoy my son & family, even though at times working a 2nd job on weekends at an Assisted Living Facility can make it hard, but i am truly blessed to be able to be there for my family, co-worker's and my patients.

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